The American Sector (Warehouse District, New Orleans, LA)

I’ve been to American Sector quite a few times, but this day in particular, “The Chef” and I visited the The National WWII Museum in New Orleans and American Sector is just around the corner! It has a modernized old diner feel, which is perfect for an afternoon bite after exploring the museum. We were there for happy hour so we got a few bites off the menu as well a few main entrees…



Happy Hour: BBQ Sliders. Pulled Pork BBQ. Fried Onion Strings.



Meat Pie. Ground Beef. Trinity. Spicy Mayo.



Excuse the blurry photo..I just wanted it in my mouth already!

Notice the flaky dough..Love it! Meat pie…basically an empanada and you know I feel about empanadas!



5 Spiced Braised Pork Belly Ramen. Noodles. Bok Choy.



Smoked Sea Scallops. Baby beets. Market Greens. Cane Syrup.


Overall, it was a great mid-day stop! Great small bites, however, I was slightly disappointed by the size of the scallop in the salad. The ramen was a little too deep and dark in broth flavor for my taste. My favorites had to be the Pork Belly sliders and the empanadas (of course!). There’s something about small bites that tickles my tastes buds and the hominess of the dish didn’t hurt!

I would definitely recommend visiting for lunch or dinner as the main dishes are pretty good. The American Sector is very kid friendly and have  a good selection of some tasty-looking ice cream shakes.


Other notable dishes: Fried Gulf Oyster Salad, Gulf Shrimp Po-boy




Rating: 3/5 spoons


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Ba Chi Canteen (Audubon, New Orleans, LA)

Tan Dinh is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant located on the Westbank of New Orleans…it’s menu includes a wide variety of items ranging from pho, BBQ pork with vermicelli noodles, to one of my favorites, the Lemongrass Chicken with rice. With their growing popularity reaching out to those who live across the river, they’ve finally opened Ba Chi Canteen, however, their menu is a bit more eclectic and draws from Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese influences. I’m not usually a fan of “fusion” or blending of cultural flavors but Ba Chi has got it right!

Bacos: Coconut Curry Chicken w/ Basil Aioli & Sweet Potato.


Curry Beef Stew w/ Roti Bread. 


Roti Quesadillas. Pulled Pork. Kim Chi Guac. Thai Chili tomatilla.


Special: Lemongrass & Basil Pork Lettuce Wrap. 



Garlic Butter Chicken Wings. 

So the Chef and I love to order and create our own little tasting menus, but little did we know that the portion sizes were quite large. My favorite was the Roti Quesadillas, which was a special but should be a permanent item on the menu! What makes this different from a typical quesadilla is the buttery and flaky roti in place of the normally grilled tortilla. Buttery. Savory. Crispy! I’m drooling just thinking about it! My next favorite was the Curry Stew with Roti. Clearly, I have a thing for roti!

I was very surprised that Tan Dinh, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, would consider branching off with a modernized asian fusion restaurant, but they did it and they did it well!

If you’re looking for great asian flavors and want to try something new, I definitely recommend Ba Chi Canteen.


Rating: 4/5 spoons

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Cure (Uptown, New Orleans, LA)

There are so many times “The Chef” gets off of work late and we have no idea where to get dinner. There are tons of food trucks, but they usually only stay out late on weekends or are inconsistent with where they’re located. We’ve found our “Cure” for late night dinner…



The Bar. 


Green Hill. Washed Rind Cow. Georgia. Sweet Grass Dairy. Chiriboga. Raw Cow Blue. Germany. Obere Muhle Co-operative Dairy. Cabot. Clothbound Cheddar. Vermont. Cave-Aged.




The Curewich. Fried Eggs. Cheddar. Braised Bacon. Weiss Guys Roll.



Duck Liver Pate. Sungold Cherry Tomato Vanilla Jam. Butter Toasted Panko. Micro Salad.

It’s modern, sophisticated, and has great food options for late night eating, bar bites, etc. How can you say “No” to a Curewich?? It’s packed with a perfectly cooked, pan-fried egg, smokey bacon, and melty cheese. One bite into this and it oozes with delicious, egg yolk that could be sopped up as a sauce to combine all the flavors in this simple-but-not sandwich. This is late night dining with flare!

The cocktails are elegantly mixed and have the right amount of kick needed after a long day at work!

spoonspoonspoonspoonspoon point 5

Rating: 4.5/5 spoons
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Super Star Asian (Southwest Denver)

Have you ever had Dim Sum? What is it? Well, dim sum is a Cantonese cuisine, which consists of small, steamed dumplings that are commonly served during breakfast or lunch time. These delicious dumplings are then pushed out by waitresses on small carts to you so that you can pick and choose which dishes you would like. I’ve had my fair share of dim sum so here are a few of my favorites…



Being an area with such a small asian community, I was quite surprised at how great Colorado dim sum can be! Definitely “Super Star” dim sum!! Great flavor steamed to perfection.

Must orders are Xiu Mai, Har Cao, Tofu skin, Steamed Rice, and Rice noodles with BBQ pork. Honestly, I just pick what looks good, when it comes around. Not pictured is the Chinese Broccoli with oyster sauce. Gotta have some green!


Rating: 4/5 spoons
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Larkburger (Northglenn, Colorado)

I’m always craving a burger…there’s just something about that bite of juicy beef and a side of fries.  While I was in Denver, I just had to find a place and came across Larkburger. They advocate natural ingredients, natural operations, and natural packaging. For a quick service burger joint, I was surprised at the quality…



Larkburger. 1/3 lb certified angus beef. Lettuce. Tomato. Onion. Pickle. House Sauce. Cheddar.

Truffle Burger.  1/3 lb certified angus beef. Lettuce. Tomato. Onion. Pickle. Truffle aioli



Truffle & Parmesan Fries. Hand cut fries. Grated Parmesan. Italian parsley. Truffle Oil.


The food is great and they’re all natural so that’s a plus! The burgers aren’t your big, hearty burger size, but they are perfect for lunch. I think I can handle two if I was really hungry, but I can eat a lot so order accordingly. The fries were delicious and had to be my favorite part with the perfect amount of salt, parmesan, and of course, truffle oil.

If you’re looking for a quick and tasty burger, Larkburger is where it’s at! I’d definitely return, especially for those fries! We were at the Northglenn location, but I’m sure their other restaurants are consistent. Enjoy!


spoonspoonspoon spoon point 5


Rating: 3.5/5 spoons!


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