Angelo Brocato (New Orleans, LA)

One of my favorite gelato places in the city! It’s family friendly and has a cutesy 1960s vibe. Here, you’ll find traditional gelato as well as an assortment of Italian desserts including tiramisu, spumoni, cannolis, cakes, and more. 

I’ve tried desserts other than gelato and they’re delicious, but every time I’m here, I can’t help but to order a creamy, cold gelato…My Favorite flavor: Pralines and Cream, but they didn’t have it this time =(

Assortment of desserts. There’s so much more, but with such a long line, it was hard to capture! 

Strawberries and Cream Gelato (w/ Waffle Cone)

Pistachio Gelato. (Classic version)

Angelo Brocato the ultimate dessert stop in New Orleans. Nothing fancy. Just classic, delicious Italian desserts. It can’t get any better than that! 

Angelo Brocato Ice Cream & Confectionery on Urbanspoon

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