Cowbell (New Orleans, LA)

Unique and eclectic…words to describe this hidden gem. It’s tucked away in a little corner down Oak St. past several homes. Outside are a few picnic tables great for these last few days of beautiful spring weather! Inside, it’s bright and welcoming…

Decor behind the bar…


Mac N Cheese. Long spirally macaroni topped with breadcrumbs. Delish!

Quahog Clam Chowder. Applewood Smoked Bacon. Red Bliss Potatoes. Not your usual, creamy chowder, but theirs is more of soupy concoction…really good though! Nice depth of flavor. I would recommend it!

Midnight Skirt Steak w/ Black Bean Sauce. Roasted Plaintains. Fidel’s Mango Salsa. 

Herb Roasted Turkey, Bacon, and Fontina Grilled Cheese. Not your ordinary grilled cheese! Because there were so many ingredients, I don’t know if it should be called a grilled cheese anymore, BUT since it is…it had to be the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had. Very cheesy with big chunky bits of bacon in every bite. mmMmm!

 S’mores Pie.  

For such a casual lookin’ joint, the menu was a notch up from your typical eaterie. It was like southern home-cooking meets high end bistro. Service was uber-friendly and laid back! So fun! Will return again and definitely recommended to you foodies out there =) 

Cowbell on Urbanspoon

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