Fat Bao (Houston, TX : Kirby)

There’s a new restaurant in town! Fat Bao took the traditional steamed bun and converted it into a delicious new concept. Steamed buns were most popularly stuffed with delicious roasted Peking duck, but Fat Bao has taken that idea and created their own variety of stuffed steamed buns, delicious appetizers, and even desserts…


Avocado Chips. Panko crusted w/ Jalapeno Dip


Crab Daddy Bao. Soft shell crab. Spicy mayo. Asian Slaw. Bulgogi Bao. Beef ribeye. Kimchi. Green onions. Peking Duck Bao. Roasted Duck. Green onions. Hoisin sauce.


Curry Bao. Beef brisket. Cilantro. Pickled Red Onions.Crab Daddy. (close up)


Peking Duck (left) and *Special*: Fried Portabello Bao w/ Asian Slaw



Fried Bao: Cafe du Monde Bao (left) Spicy Chocolate Bao (right)

Something so simple, but transformed into something so delicious! The idea of stuffed baos is not only impressive but the quality of the food is unexpected. Along with good food, the customer service here is awesome! Check this place out..you’ll love it!

Fat Bao on Urbanspoon

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