Luke (Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX)

I recently relocated to San Antonio…a short term career move, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying food!  I was really missing home and “the Chef” surprised me this past weekend…There are quite a few great restaurants here ranging from great pizza joints (like Dough and Fralo’s), delicious BBQ, and Mexican food, but nothing here resembling NOLA cuisine. Luke was the next best thing…home away from home. New Orleans cuisine isn’t just comprised of gool ol’ Cajun seafood, gumbo, jambalaya, and poboys. There’s quite a bit of French influence as well…one of my favorite cuisines! Although Luke on the Riverwalk had a little of it’s own San Antonio twist, the food and feel brought me back into the CBD (City Business District) of New Orleans…


Grilled Watermelon. Dried Cherry Compote. 14-month Tejano Ham. Arugula, Fried Goat Cheese. 


Cup of Gumbo.


Crispy Slow Cooked Pork. Green Beans. Toasted Almonds. Poached Egg. Spicy Butter Dressing. 


Baked Texas Coast Oysters on the Half Shell, Shrimp, and Crab Gratin. 


Hanger Steak. Steak-Frites. Garlic and Herb Butter.  I know, it looks like a teaser, but I actually split this dish with the boyfriend so there’s more than appears on this plate!

*NOTE: not pictured are the raw oysters (which were inhaled immediately)… large, fresh, and delicious!

The food was delicious! Although we ordered a feast of food, everything was refreshing and very flavorful. The only downside is the cost  $$$-$$$$. It’s an experience, regardless! Luke is one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans so I had very high expectations for this location. San Antonio is a beautiful city…very scenic hills, beautiful riverwalk and luckily for me, John Besh brought this delicious gem to the city! 

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