Noodle & Pie (Uptown, New Orleans)

After a beautiful day during spring break, “The Chef” and I went for a run in Audubon Park and it definitely built up an appetite! We opted for something refreshing, so what better than to check out the new Noodle & Pie on the way home!



Sake Punch. 


Matcha Green. Tea. 


Korean Fried Chicken. House cucumber. Carrot Kimchi. Black bean & chili glaze.




Cayenne Rice Dumpling with Simmered Butternut Squash. Fall veggies. Sweet and salty sauce.


8 hour Brisket Bowl. Shoyo base. broth. 8 hour brisket. Ground pork. Ginger. Fire Ball. Greens. Soft-boiled egg.


Save room for PIE!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have room for pie, but the selection looked great and I can’t wait to try the pie! Noode&Pie is a great twist on japanese cuisine. It’s a mix like an American twist on Yuki Izakaya (click to see post). Decor was modern, but cute and fitting for Magazine St. The weather was beautiful so we opted for the seats right by the open window-doors (didn’t know what to call them)!

I didn’t care too much for the cocktails and drinks…but my favorite had to be the Korean Fried Chicken. The ramen was good with a deep brothy flavor that I’m not quite used to. It’s not quite an authentic interpretation of Japanese ramen, but it’s still very tasty. You can really tell the noodles are homemade, and I love that! I will definitely go back and will save some room for PIE!

Noodle & Pie on Urbanspoon

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