Bar Hopping Down Fulton St. (New Orleans, LA)

After working up an appetite after a great round of bowling at Fulton Alley (post coming soon!), we decided to go bar hopping. What better than to go on a “foodventure” down Fulton!



Our first stop…..



Grand Isle on Urbanspoon

Fulton St. has been growing with new businesses, bars and restaurants. I do a lot of research on upcoming restaurants and must-eat places, but hadn’t come across Grand Isle. Am I glad I did! I’ll let some of the pictures do the speaking…



Marinated Crab Claws. Sweet, Seasoned, and delicious! These crab claws were refreshing and left me wanting more…



Hoghead cheese. This surprised me! It’s different from hoghead cheeses that I’ve tried…more moist and great flavor!



Raw Oysters. I could never have enough of these!


The seafood quality was superb! Fresh, fun, and left us wanting more…



Not full yet! Our next stop…


Manning’s Eat Drink Cheer on Urbanspoon

Spinach & Crab Dip. Baked focaccia chips.

Louisiana Crab Finger Bordelaise. Lemon. Garlic. Parsley. Butter.

Natchitoches Meat Pies.  Chili garlic aioli.


Close-up of the meat pie. mMmm dripping with goodness!

So the feast above definitely finished us off! Yes, we did order more crab claws, which were good, BUT Grand Isle’s was definitely better. If you know me, I love me some crabmeat so the spinach dip was LOADED with the stuff. All in all, Manning’s was great! We sat at the bar and it was a weekday so it was slow, but we prefer it that way.

I’ve read tons of reviews saying that Manning’s lacked in service, but I have to differ. We sat at the bar and had awesome service! The area is a prime location so weekends will definitely be crowded so if you can avoid it, great! If not, grab a drink and enjoy yourselves! Cheers!

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