Fulton Alley (Warehouse District, NOLA)

In “Bar Hopping Down Fulton St.” (Click here for blog post.) I mentioned Fulton Alley and I usually do my blog reviews on restaurants and bars, but guess what? Not only is Fulton Alley a modernized bowling alley, but they have great bar bites!

The feel is much like a bar and I’m sure it’s much more crowded on the weekends, but “the Chef” and I chose a slow hour of the day for comfortable bowling…especially since my bowling arm is a little rusty!

IMG_4971e IMG_4970eIMG_4967e IMG_4973e

Pictured food: 

Cured Meat Board. Salme Toscano. Bresaola. Prosciutto Di Parma. House Pickles & Accompaniments.

Smoked & Fried Chicken Wings. Crystal-Blue Cheese & Ranch.

Fulton Alley is among the other Fulton St. gems and is very close to Harrah’s. Maybe you’ve spent too much time in Harrah’s or you’re just looking for something new to do, Fulton Alley is fun, hip and there’s food! As you can tell, the food was impressive especially in comparison to your usual bowling alley! From a foodie perspective, I really enjoyed it. The cured meat and pickles were delicious and the wings were perfectly cooked and juicy. I have no complaints on the food, BUT as far as bowling, the rates are little more pricey so going with a larger group would be more cost effective. You’ll get more bang for your buck and it’s more fun! Happy bowling!


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