St. James Cheese Company (Uptown, New Orleans, Louisiana)

My friend and I had been waiting for the right moment to get together for a “foodventure” and what better moment than to celebrate our graduation from professional school. 8-9 long years of delving into stacks and stacks of notes and textbooks. It’s graduation time and whether you’re graduating middle school, high school, college, or any graduate/professional programs…Congratulations to everyone in the Class of 2014!!

After every graduation there’s the lingering question of “What next?”.

If you ask me, it’d be food!





5 Selection ( 3 meat/2 cheese) Plate. There’s a wide variety of different meats and cheeses so we decided to let them surprise us!



Bread.  Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect choice for the meat and cheese plate.



Tangiers Torta. Two Run Farms Lamb. Feta. Pickeled Fennel. Harissa & Cilantro. Ciabatta.

This was on the special’s menu. It looks deceivingly heavy, but the ciabatta as well as the protein portion was light and satisfying.



Hooks Cheddar. House smoked turkey. Avocado. Basil. Tomato. Mayo. Ciabatta.

Setup almost like a california turkey club, but the touch of basil made it even more refreshing. Loved it!


I can’t lie…these are actually photos from two visits to St. James Cheese Company. Two visits…within one week’s time. I enjoyed my first meal so much that I had to return and that’s when I tried the Hooks Cheddar!

Great deli meats and a wide variety of mouth-watering cheese choices! The only downside would be the limited space, although there are quite a few tables. Due to it’s growing popularity, I’d expect a wait for a table, especially on weekends.

If you like mouth-watering, melty goodness in your tummy, I’d suggest you try St. James Cheese Company!


St James Cheese Company on Urbanspoon

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