Bradley’s Fine Diner (The Heights, Houston, TX)

I’d been seeing this restaurant being built every time I passed by and when “The Chef” came to visit me in Houston, I thought it would be a good idea for our last meal before he went back home to New Orleans…We were dressed really casual, but that was “fine”. It’s a diner! haha..”The Chef” wasn’t too happy when he found out that I let him dress so casual to a  restaurant owned by Bradley Ogden, a James Beard award winner. For those who aren’t familiar with the James Beard award, it’s quite an accomplishment in the chef world! Check out the website here (click). It was definitely gorgeous inside and I tend to be really skeptical of the trendy and hyped up establishments, but Bradley definitely deserves 5/5 spoons in my book! 

It’s like a gem hiding among some chain restaurants and establishments…



My view.



Smoked Salmon Sliders. 



Crab Cake con Piri Piri. Garlic Pepper Aioli. Avocado Puree.



Kobe Beef Burger with carmelized onions. 



 Fish N Chips. Alaskan cod.

Our meal definitely lived up to the expectations…Best fish n chips I’ve ever had. Maybe it was the amount of delicate crispiness or maybe it was the perfectly cooked tenderness of the Cod OR it was just plain delicious!

Honestly, every dish was delicious…I wouldn’t mind going to THIS diner right about now…


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