Velvet Cactus (Lakeview, New Orleans, LA)

When I think of New Orleans or even Louisiana food, Mexican is the last cuisine I’d think of. I spent a few years in Texas and have fallen in love with Mexican food. I was a bit sad that there is a lack of it here in NOLA, until I found Velvet Cactus. I was on my way home from the City Park and stumbled across this unique restaurant/art gallery…





Chips & Dip. 



Smoked Pork Tamales. Seasoned corn mase. Smoked pork mixed with peppers. Steamed corn husk. Ranchero sauce.



SlimRITA Frozen. 100 calorie frozen margarita.



Shrimp and chicken enchiladas. Refried beans.



Chipotle Cheese Grits and  1/2 Steak Enchilada. 


My favorites were the smoked pork tamales and the cheese grits. The tamales were stuffed with meat…hearty and delicious! The cheese grits were to die for! I’d eat it with the enchiladas, dip some nachos in it, pour it on top of my fajitas…haha just kidding, but I’d have some with every bite of my meal.

Cons: I had the SlimRita and it was too sweet. Next time, I’ll opt for the iced margarita.

Overall, the meal was good and the closest I’ve found to good Mexican food in the city. As far as authenticity goes, it’s more of a Tex-Mex, but I know I’ll come back when I’m craving Mexican! Tex-Mex is generally what you get throughout the U.S.. Now if you want true Mexican, you’ll have to go closer to the border of Mexico, but I prefer to drive to Lakeview for now!



Rating: 3/5 spoons


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