Pho Noi Viet (Garden District, New Orleans, LA)

Vietnamese food has been popping up all over the city…and it’s no wonder! The food is always refreshing, tasty, and great for those on a budget. I’ve been skeptical of the new wave of Vietnamese restaurants, and you can’t blame me since that’s where my roots lay. Nothing can compare to mama’s homemade meal, but I’m very surprised at what Pho Noi Viet had to offer…



Goi Cuon. Spring rolls.



Jasmine Tea (left). Chystanthemum Tea (right).



Com Thit Nuong. Rice with Grilled Pork.



Pho Tai Chin. Rare Beef & brisket.


Everything was great! I love the hominess of the food especially with the rice dish with grilled pork. There’s a hominess that’s difficult to describe, but reminds me of my mom’s cooking. I really enjoyed the iced green tea…floral and refreshing. I really wouldn’t mind getting one to go right about now! The menu is very simplified and they lack Bo Vien (meatballs), which is a staple in the Pho industry, but other than that, service was awesome and the food was delicious!

Regardless of the limited menu and the lack of meatballs, those are minor when looking at the overall and I will definitely come back to try out other menu items!


spoonspoonspoonspoon point 5

Rating: 3.5/5 spoons


Phỏ Noi Viet on Urbanspoon

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